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<begin rant>

I am disappointed in those around me that don’t seem to listen to me. Why do I bother to talk at all? I guess in hopes that someone will take what I have to say to heart. I don’t speak much as it is so this makes me want to not say anything at all. I do have to say that I laugh quite loudly when someone doesn’t  listen and they fall on their face.

Yesterday was not a good day for me to deal with dumb people. I was short tempered as it was and by dinner, I was prepared to take my Louisville Slugger to someones skull. I found it astonishing that someone would stand there and argue with me over a sequence of events they had to accomplish to aid them in what they were doing. I am still trying to figure out why I argued about and didn’t just say “fine” and walk away. This was over something I deal with EVERYDAY at work and they continued to tell me what they were told by someone else that has nothing to do with the system.

I suppose that wasn’t enough because then I had someone else drag me through this huge story to tell me what I had inform them of multiple times over the last year. I when I threw the book at them (Yes I threw a book for real, bad me. The book police should fine me.) I got this “what did I do look” and sent them away from me.

After spending sometime contemplating what had happened, starting today there will be changes to the way I interact with these people. It’s going to be rough but they can fall flat on their damn faces and I’ll laugh as they bleed. Vindictive? Perhaps but I won’t feel like I’m pulling my hair out to help someone who doesn’t want it. I’ve been through that before and never again. Bad juju out you go!

<end rant>

Have a great day!