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My peace and quiet is over. Everyone is where they are suppose to be and the holiday chaos is completely over.Time to readjust and prepare for spring semester.

Now that all of my mandatory nighttime running around is over, picking up kids with crazy holiday schedules and airport runs, it is time to begin the adjustment back to a morning wake up call. My attempt at this is assisted by needing to take someone to work in the morning which requires me to roll out of bed at my designed time.

My cat still paws at Righty so I’m beginning to think there is some kind of extra-planer interaction that I am not aware of between the two of them. Granted the more logical reason would be that Righty is in a color she cans see and Lefty isn’t but letting the mind wander and create a more unexplainable idea of their playtime is more entertaining.

Time to get the day going, have a great one!