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That just doesn’t have the same effect as Friday the 13th. I’m still waiting for the booming sound effects and the dreary music to play.

My work schedule for the next semester has arrived and as usual, school and work will be about it.

After I picked up the part I needed for my truck, I became antsy and went ahead and changed it out. Hopefully I will not find any more drops of anything under the truck this morning.

<begin rant>

A friend of mine recently went WTF? over the Fukushima contamination on the fish supply. I guess everything I said just went floating into the sky following the butterflies because I told her about this and she is just now questioning it. You saw a post on Facebook so it must be true? Social media triumphs over credible research and facts. I say WTF?

Kudos to those that implemented the degradation of our education system and the reduction of common sense is society. You did one hell of a job creating the work force you wanted. American society is truly screwed up beyond belief.

<end rant>

Have a great day!

(chair dancing to Michael Jackson’s Beat It)