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Another chilly day but I am enjoying not freezing my butt off unlike my friends on the east coast. I may be a wuss by their standards when it comes to the cold but I am glad I left that mess.

I rewrote my statement of purpose for grad school yesterday. It is hard to believe how a two page write up can occupy so much of my time. I am happy with the new one.

None of my vegetables are still in their packaging so I can’t tell where in the country they are from. This is going to be a royal pain in the patudy.

I recently received an email from Carrabba’s Italian Restaurant about First Tastes. It is an event they hold for those that have signed up for the Aminci Club. It is an event they hold to have a taste test of the seasonal menu before it comes out. They ask you to critique each of the eight servings and even better it is free! So yes, I ate at Carrabba’s last night for free. I loved their new skewers and the new chocolate desert. The rest was pretty good with only the fish dish I refused to eat. Yes you are taking a chance with relying on them to feed you whatever but it was fun, tasty and a nice night out. I figured if it was necessary I would stop somewhere on the way home and grab something to eat but I did not find a need to. If you like Carrabba’s food, definitely join the fan club, I wish I had years ago.

Today is the day to work on my truck. Oil is too expensive to be letting the pavement drink it up. I certainly hope there are no more leaks after I fix this one. Fixing one leak and then tracing another one is getting old but then again so is my baby. I love her anyway! Even if she is going to need an engine and transmission rebuild in the next few years. 

My new cartoon characters have been occupying my brain, Righty and Lefty. I even drew them on my bathroom mirror, I love window markers! One of my cats was pawing at Righty, I couldn’t figure out if it was because she wanted to play with him or what.

Time to get this day going, have a great day!