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At times I wish I was ignorant, at least a little to where I did not notice the crap that keeps going on in this world.

<begin rant 1>

You do NOT make a left hand turn from the far right lane on a three lane highway with a turning lane! A left turn can not be performed safely from any lane other than designated! Next time, I will not stop. I will not let you go. I will let you hit me.

<end rant 1>

<begin rant 2>

Now all food from the west coast; seafood, vegetables and meat, are unsafe to eat. Southern CA grows 90% of our vegetables in the U.S.. Radiation from the Fukushima disaster has now contaminated EVERYTHING on the west coast of the U.S.! I recently heard that reactor one actually exploded and pieces cell rods were found in China. If that is true (no hard evidence found yet) then there was one hell of an explosion.

I have been researching this issue and I can not find anything definitive about it until today. The search originally started with the speculation of a story that China banned the import of all seafood from the U.S. due to radiation exposure in the Pacific Ocean. The only thing I could find was that China banned seafood due to arsenic poisoning which is an alert that we already knew about. Articles have been pulled from medical journals and news broadcasts.

Blocking the truth only makes things worse then they need to be. Giving a false sense of safety is worse then knowing we need to check the origin of our food to ensure we can consume it. We have lost everything that our founding fathers worked for, fought for and millions have died for.

<end rant 2>

Try to have a great day.