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While sitting here with my morning cup of joe, I came across two things. The first is an Upworthy post of a video explaining very well why we should take action about global warming even if you do not believe in it. Check it out and make your own conclusions! http://www.upworthy.com/one-guy-with-a-marker-just-made-the-global-warming-debate-completely-obsolete-7?c=ufb2

The second was a video posted by Eric Carlson on YouTube. This video does an excellent job of providing desire to achieve your goals should you need a boost to help achieve your goals. Check it out! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qHDcI9rzDfY#action=share

My order of wheat berries finally arrived and I plan on trying out making my own flour, real flour. Perhaps at some point I will get into my health problems and what I have been doing to correct the cause. One of the things that I have found in my research about our food supply is the lack of fiber in our diet that is causing a lot of issues with our health. Many changes that doctors tell you when you have health issues is to stay away from baked goods. I found that to be an odd recommendation until I looked into it.

In comparing the differences between what was in flour 100 years ago to what is in and done to our white bleached and enriched flour today, I realized that one of the best things I could do for my diet was to use old style flour in my baking. My bread will be a lot heavier than it was before and will not raise as before but that is a small price to pay as long as the taste  is good. In the meantime, I have some milling and baking to do!

Have a great Saturday!