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I’m sitting here with my morning cup of coffee and I looked down to see ‘Tell a story’ highlighted on the paper in front of me. I highlighted it yesterday while trying to come up with a good story for three personal statements I have to write for graduate school. My usual digging in to how to write such a thing because none of the educational institutions gave any instructions as to what they want submitted, Purdue University writing lab provided me with a detailed explanation on what should be included. I never would have thought to look at  that website even though I use them on a regular basis for formatting tips. I rely on them more than my own university.

I have come up with bits and pieces of what I will include into the statements but I am finding it difficult to write about myself. I don’t toot my own horn and I am suppose to be writing about aspects of my life that are not asked, in fact illegal to ask, in a job interview. My best bet now that I am thinking about it would be to just list out my strengths and answer the question Purdue OWL has listed and go from there. I have time to write them so I am not worried about getting it done immediately.

Have a good one!