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I came to realize that I don’t want Christmas to be over. I turned on all of the lights last night and I am still in the same yuletide awe that I had in the beginning of December. My neighbors started removing their decorations yesterday. My decorations are not going to come down for a while yet.

I already miss the Christmas music. Since I was not out and about most of the season I didn’t hear much Christmas music that the stores play. None of the local radio stations payed much Christmas music except a 24 hour block covering Christmas Eve. I used someone’s playlist on Youtube through the TV while I was making cookies but controlling Youtube that way is not an easy feat for me.

I miss the boys being hyped up. For a few days before Christmas Day, I kept hearing them say how they couldn’t wait. There was a spark in their eyes that disappeared after they opened their presents. Hopefully I will see that spark again in 363 days.

Have a great day!