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Now that the main part of Christmas is over, I have began to think about my New Years Resolution for 2014. I don’t use resolutions as a way to try and transform life, I use the concept to help me enhance something that I already do. Using the new years as an excuse to major life changes doesn’t resonate with me, in fact if I can’t make a change in my life without it being the New Year then it will not change.

A good example as what I deem to be a good New Years Resolution was one that I made two years ago, it was for me to do a better job of sending out birthday cards. I chose that particular one because I know what it feels like to receive that card in the mail. There is a sense of happiness that someone remembered, someone cares enough to take the few minutes to pick a card, buy it and mail it to me. I wanted my friends to have that feeling because they are special to me.

What will my resolution be? I’m not sure yet but it is never too early to think about it!

Have a great day!