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It was the day before Christmas Eve and all through the house

All of the creatures were stirring including the Lego Christmas Elves

The stockings were hung on the santa stocking hanger with big googly eyes peering over the tops

Kalei is running through the house with a present in her mouth

with Isis following her like the special snowflake she is

Mom just realized she didn’t make the apple pie

“Damn, I didn’t make the apple pie!”

Then she realized there is only canned peach pie filling left

“Awww, no apple pie filling!”

After mom resigned that they are having peach pie for Christmas dessert

She made her smoothie and began to type a post on her blog

Water was boiling on the stove throwing scents of orange, lemon, cinnamon and cloves into the air

One boy is asleep, the other at work so the house is peaceful, for now

So Mom says to all

Have a great day before Christmas Eve!