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I managed to start a new knitting project last night, dish cloths. I know that is so glamorous! But I need them, mine are starting to fall apart. One of my boys looked at me cross eyed when I answered him with dish cloths.

<begin Rant>

I saw this morning a posting from Fox News about the cutting of the military pension. Instead of cutting the retiree benefits that are not going to even begin to cover what the cuts are planned for, how about all of the lawmakers take a pay cut. Why not? Many state employees have in the last 5 years, firemen have, policemen have and now the government wants to cut the military’s pay. There have been cuts to education on all levels, and I am sure there are plenty of cuts to many other sections and yet I have not heard or read anything about capitol hill taking cuts. Politicians are suppose to be working for the people and are elected by the people and we have gone completely off track with how this government was suppose to work. Our culture has turned from people centered to big business centered.

<end Rant>

Life goes on, time for yard work.

Have a great day!