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10 days until the jolly old fat man day. Tonight I plan on wrapping my moms present so I can get out in the mail to her. I can not send it too early because she won’t wait until Christmas, she says she’s too old. I think its because she knows its her goodies that she gets every year and she can’t stand her favorite candy waiting to be eaten but that is just my opinion.

This year, I taught myself how to knit, something I had always wanted to do. I am still learning but I made my mom a scarf for Christmas to go with her candy. I have no idea if she will ever use it, she may even throw it to the side. It is the first project that I am giving someone, so far everything I have made was for me because well, I have made a lot of mistakes.

I did finish the outside Christmas decorations yesterday and working in the front yard. The back yard will be done tomorrow. Christmas is casual, quiet and great this year. Even the jerk faces that would normally bother me haven’t so far this year. I  loved pulling into the driveway last night after seeing The Nutcracker ballet and standing there taking in the sparkling lights that are lining the rooftop. It was just bright enough to see the white wooden deer in the yard. I realized quickly why cars keep standing at the intersection, even though the decorations are few, they are beautiful.

I chose not to put everything up this year, I have a bunch of snowflakes and other illuminations that could have been put out but I felt that they would have been overbearing to the calmness that seems to settle over my yard.

Have a wonderful day!