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School’s Out, School’s Out

The teacher let the monkeys out

No more pencils, no more books

No more teachers dirty looks!

I remember yelling that at the top of my lungs when I was in elementary school. That rhyme came to me today as I walked across campus after taking my last final. Then I  thought it was amazing how as a child, you go to school on that last day for a hour or two and everyone is so rambunctious. No one can stay seated and there was always so much noise! Today, campus was quiet and for the most part serene. A few students that happen to have finals on the last day were reluctantly walking to class. The tension radiated from them as I passed by.

Instead of being loud, I began thinking about the differences between a child’s’ last day of school and an adult’s last day of the semester. Children run to the bus or home and an adult nonchalantly walks to their car. Children are yelling and adults seem to be in some sort of contemplation about the exam they just took. Children are thinking of who’s house they are going to play at and adults think about what time they have to go to work. Children, this time of the year, think about what Santa will leave under the tree and adults think about how are we going to afford what goes under the tree.

The cares of the age are so drastically different and at times I wish I could go back to those carefree days. Perhaps I can even if only for a few moments. Maybe, just maybe as I walk through campus this evening on my way to work I will shout out that rhyme and find a glimpse of the childlike humor I once had. That child still lives inside of me and always will. Most of the time, the adult side takes hold but there are times were the little girl I once was, before the scars, the heartache, the stress, the pain, before the adulthood and responsibility, shows through. Never lose your inner child, enjoy each day to the fullest and never lose your sense of humor, none of us get out alive.

Have a great one, I will!