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After I got off of work last night, I spent the evening with my boys. I made them write up a goals list and then had them explain to me how they were planning on making that goal happen. When I first assigned them this task, they both looked at me cross eyed. My response was that while they are still in a matriarchal dictatorship they had to do it. They laughed and went about their business. Then I wrote a deadline date on the board which was yesterday (they actually had two weeks to accomplish this). I sat down with each one individually and went over their list and listened to them, offered suggestions and ask what I can do. The consensus was to do it to them again in 6 months for a follow up.

I want them to learn how to plan, I want them to see that there is more to life than the 1/2″ in front of them and there is something beyond the blinders that they wear. I want them to experience what life has to offer and not to be stuck in the electronics world all the time. Since the two of them are adults, it is difficult because I always feel like I am over stepping bounds, that I need to let them fall on their faces to learn the lesson. So when there is a chance for me to show guidance and help them, I pounce on it. Trust me, I let them fail all the time, that provides the best lessons in life.

Here I am going into my last week of the semester and I am in awe at what I accomplished on top of my already maxed out schedule. This definitely gives me the confidence to continue on for my master’s degree.

We went to the Mind Sports Festival yesterday and was quite bummed that we couldn’t stay and play due to work schedules. We figured since we had a little bit of time that we would see what it was about. We were also happy to find out that it comes here 4 times a year. Hopefully, we will be playing in it next time. 🙂

Time to get the daily life ball rolling, have a great one!