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Oh coffee how I cherish thee. You soon will be followed by a Chai tea latte. It will be a challenge for the two of you to keep me awake on this, my long excruciating morning.

Fortunately, no machinery is involved except my two feet and there is a pillow waiting for my cat naps this afternoon; minimum two required.

I finished my last paper of the semester, woo hoo! 3 finals to go next week, time to prepare my study guides and redirect my attention back to hitting the books.

My son and I had an interesting conversation on our way home. I had recently taken a quiz that was designed to show you what side of your brain is dominant. The results of my quiz stated that I use both hemispheres equally. Of course, this led perfectly into how he and I have a brain cell on either side and there is a constant battle over what is actually going to be accomplished. Some days one cell will take a vacation and the other will do what it wants to. Then there are other times where nothing is done because the bickering will not stop. The quiz gave a us a validation to our thoughts on the subject.

Have a great one!