Today begins my two weeks of hell with this week being chaos and the next week is just havoc.

Trans-Siberian Orchestra played here last night and as usual gave a wonderful show. Each year they make changes that seems to only improve it. For me, attending it is the start of the Christmas season.

For the most part I have completed my shopping. Maybe a minor thing here or there but overall it is done. My Yule cards are sitting here waiting to be prepared for shipment, I will get to them eventually, the next two weeks are too important to concern myself with cards.

Study week I work like crazy with the worst hours but still have class to go to. To be followed by finals week, which for me work slows slightly but the hours are at crazy times. My sleep schedule becomes a series of naps at whatever hour I can get.

Well, the turkey carcass is simmering away for the base of my turkey soup that I bag and freeze so I have it when someone picks up a nasty little bug. I need to run to the grocery store so I do not have to concern myself with that for the next week.

I was sorry to read that Paul Walker past today, I enjoyed his movies. This is exactly why I have no problems with growing old, it IS a privilege denied to many.

Have great Sunday!