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Today is the official end of NaNoWritMo for 2013 and NaBloPoMo for November. Congratulations to all of those that completed their goals for the last 30 days.

Endings, how unique but regularly occurring. Something is always ending whether it is your lunch hour, the end of the day or even perhaps the end of a relationship. I believe that whether or not the ending is important to us depends on how we value that particular thing or event. Having to go back to work after our break my be slightly emotional because unless you like your job, you really do not want to go back to it. Whereas the ending of another day is just another day, we dismiss it and move on. Now the ending of a relationship or someones life we take hard unless we really did not care at all. No matter how you see the events that happen in life, as one thing stops another usually begins.

So, goodbye November and welcome December!