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To all of you dedicated and determined shoppers, good luck on your acquisitions. I am one of the fortunate ones that will not be out there in the mists of the chaos but a work in the peace and quiet.

We had a wonderful Thanksgiving day together pitching in to make dinner and cleaning up. I was sorry to see the balloons grounded for the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade but it was still a good parade. I was listening to a blog cast the other day and the main theme keeps popping in to my head, gratitude. That is the one thing you can do now to change you life. Thanksgiving is all about gratitude and I hope time was taken out to reflect on what is important and what is not. Be thankful for the little things, even if it is waking up another day.

For those partaking in the challenges this month, tomorrow is the end. I will finish my novel today with the exception of adding in tomorrow’s blog entry when it comes time.

Have a great day!