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Today is the day that we gorge ourselves on turkey in remembrance of the early times of America were the settlers learned to survive on these lands. Sadly, that is not what it means to many anymore. Thanksgiving has become trampled by the consumerism of Americans. What is suppose to be a day of kindness and boosting family relationships and heritage is now a day for people to push themselves further into bankruptcy, of course that is also a family event. Instead of sitting around and playing cards and eating pumpkin pie, millions of people will be standing in horrendous lines for stuff that they and their family does not need to fill the gaps in lives that they use stuff to try and fill. We are the victims of a circle that began forty years ago and will not end until the complete collapse of our economy.

Meanwhile, we continue to have a loss of connection with our friends, family, society, nature and with what reality is and what a good life can be. In reading the early writing of the pilgrims, they saw the Indians as lazy. They were not lazy, they had met there needs and had time to do what they wanted to do. They lived as a community and had support at all times, something many of us do not have.

I hope I have successfully instilled in my boys what the holidays are truly about and how to celebrate life the way it was meant to be, a balance between humanity and nature.

Have a wonderful turkey day!