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I woke up to a wonderful sunny day and a beautiful calico cat staring at me as she balled herself up on my shoulder. I am silently going through the list of things I need to do today to prepare for my Thanksgiving feast and any errands I need to finish so I can stay inside for the next couple of days. One of the things I need to do is pickup an extra turkey and put it in the freezer while the price is so low.

Blog talk radio has become a morning routine for me. As much as I love to listen to the radio, they always play the same songs over and over again. It is really disappointing because there is a ton of great music out there that never gets played.

Nanowritmo and nanblopomo are almost done. I crossed the 45,000 word mark last night and I am certain I will get the 5,000 words down by Saturday night. The novel will be done on time but since I incorporated my blog into the novel, it will not be done until the 30th when both challenges end. Congratulations to those that have completed their novels and to those still working on it like me, we are almost there! The finish line is straight ahead.

Have a wonderful day!