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I have a repairman coming to fix my washer today, I hope. I write that because this appointment has already been rescheduled twice. At what point should I be compensated for having to not only give an entire day for them to show up but to have to do it multiple times. This should not be the normal way of conducting business. When did our time as the customer become so insignificant that it all right for us to wait on them when they are the ones that cannot keep an appointment? I have had this problem in doctors offices and it is uncalled for.

The excuses I hear is that people do not show up so there is always extra time. Then it sounds like you need to improve your client base. It is understandable when someone is running late, it does happen. The decent thing to do is to notify those involved and reschedule. Take your licks and move on to the next appointment. Over scheduling causes stress that none of us need, we have lives too that we need to take care of.

On a better note, I have completed 21,200 words with my goal of 24,000 as of last night. Tonight I will be working on it some more. I think it is funny how I always seem to be 3,000-4,000 words behind. It is all good.

Have a great day, I will if my washer is actually looked at today!