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Productivity can be a good thing. Of course leave it to man to make it a bad thing or at least have negative consequences. For me, productivity for me means accomplishing the tasks I have chosen to tackle. I have to admit that sometimes I do stress my limits but only because there are so many really cool things to do during my lifetime.

Last night as I looked at the word count of my novel, there was a realization that somewhere along the line I lost two days. To be on track for what I decided my novel should be at, I needed to complete 20,000 words as of last night. I actually have 17,300 words down by the time I left work. I have time tonight so I am going to try for 22,000 words so that I will be exactly where I should be although I would really like to be a little bit ahead. With any luck, things will just flow again so that it will not be a problem.

My first task for today is to tackle my online class work for the week. After that, I plan to start writing for a while finishing my day with some knitting and catching up on the shows on the dvr. A peaceful and calm day of fasting and mental activity.

Have a fantastic day!