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As I sit here and write this post, I am on my second cup of coffee hoping it will give me the motivation to do the dreaded today, replace my main water line. This has been a thorn in side for the last three years, since my home was purchased. I am all for do-it-yourself maintenance and improvements, I have completed many projects myself, but if you are going to take on the task do it right. Take the time needed to research how to do the job correctly and what materials to use. Make what ever phone calls you need to to the local departments to be sure you are following the ordinances of your area. The issue with my water main is one that could have been avoided and has caused me anxiety and dread as well as the cost from my wallet. Instead of going in to a long and drawn out story, here is a short version.

Somewhere a long the line in the history of my property, the proper pipe for a water main was replaced (it could have been here from the beginning, there is no way to know for sure) with a hose. Over time, this special hose degrades and pin pricks occur. There is no way to tell it is leaking until one of two things happen. The first one is less noticeable until you find that your yard is squishy and your water bill is sky high. The other way you find out about it is when you have a fountain that suddenly appears. I have encountered both types of breaks in this line.

The hard part for the new line is mostly done, the digging. At least I hope that was the hard part. The desire is to have no problems attaching the new line to the city meter, that is really the only place I perceive any possible issues. I have experience at running this pipe but the unknown with the end of the meter is the dreadful part (and hoping the old hose does not break again). Mostly from fear of really screwing it up. We are tired of dealing with this and patching it but I wanted to wait until we were working in better temperatures. It was still too hot to be working in the sun when the last break occurred. I was also concerned about the toll on my boys digging so much in such a little time that I gave them a couple of months to make the trench.

Part of my lack of ambition is because of pure selfishness. Today is my one day a week that I do not have class or work obligations. This is the day I get some solid sleep for my hectic week ahead and the day I tackle tasks like my laundry or run off to the bookstore. When I scheduled today as the day for the line to be replaced, I also did not note that today is the local farmer’s market fall harvest festival that I wanted to attend. Given my experience with the job at hand, I will not be able to make it, especially since there is a section of ground under the sidewalk that needs to be dug out.

There are two other options. The first one is to simply reschedule for next Saturday, where nothing is planned at this time. The other option is to go to the festival and then deal with the water line when I get home, however, since Daylight Savings Time has ended, it gets dark here quick. I had hoped to have this situation resolved once and for all, how long my body holds out plays a large role in that accomplishment. Then again, I have wished for house elfs or fairies to have magically fixed it for the last three years. My wishes have fallen on deaf ears. I guess my fairy godmother has not forgiven me yet.

As I sit here and ponder the situation, I do that, I am considering a little of both options. Dig until the dirt is cleared from the city meter if I hold out that long and reschedule the rest of the task for next Saturday. That will let me feel like I have no completely walked away from my duties and I will still be able to make it to the festival. I will make a decision by the time I finish my smoothie. I suppose I should stop writing this post and go make my smoothie.

A lesson I have been trying to teach my boys, life doesn’t stop because you are off from work or because you have the sniffles. Know when it is appropriate to stop so you can heal such as if you have the flu or a major injury, and know when to put a bandage on it and truck on down. However at the same time, you have to learn to balance life and work. Do the things that make you happy but the must have done tasks need to take priority for the most point.

On the topic of NaNaWritMo, I was successful in some time writing last night while at work. My current word count is just over 12,800 words. So I am only 1,200 behind where I should have been as of last night. The issue is now becoming whether or not I will have enough material to make the story 50,000 words. I may not get to writing today considering the task ahead, decisions still need to be made. We shall see how this plays out.

I have just noticed that amount of time I take to edit has greatly increased in the last week. Now I am wondering if it is because of writing the novel almost everyday, blogging everyday or if it is simply because people are actually reading this and I do not wish to sound like a complete idiot (Believe it or not, I am edumicated even though I do not act like it). All three are sound reasons behind any improvement in my writing skills. (I suppose I should begin to look into advancing my use of grammar.)

Have a wonderful Saturday!