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As my week begins today, I have to pause and reflect at the ending of the new year and think about the holidays that are on their way. I was disappointed at the amount of trick or treaters although I understand why parents do not take their children out anymore. I normally have around 400 costume covered rugrats running through my neighborhood. This time I had maybe 100. It doesn’t hurt by boys feelings, they get to eat the extra candy.

The holidays come to mind knowing that I have to venture out into the real world and enter the chaos of retail today. Simple trips to the local department store is anything but simple. The anger and selfishness that I witness every time I have to go to the store make me want to be a recluse. The holiday season just makes it worse. For me, the holidays are best spent at home.

Fall semester is coming to an end which means finals are on their way as well (starts in four weeks, eeekk!). Both of my semester long papers are complete so I hope I will slide on through to finals without any major hitches and only a few minor bumps.

I did not get any writing in last night on NaNoWritMo. That’s ok, I will have time tonight. Maybe by then I’ll have my thoughts together.

I recently attended a workshop for work called StrengthQuests. I was hoping that the system would identify my strengths so that I would get a better idea of which fork of this crossroads of my career to take. My strengths were identified and it was correct. I guess I had hoped for some epiphany when I read them as to what to do next in my life. No such luck, so for now I will continue to dredge the path between the forks and create my own way. Face checking situations seems to be the way I flow anyway. 

I was surprised by something that was said at the workshop. A quote was displayed and for the life of me I can not remember it word for word nor can I find it online right now but the basic gist was focus on your strengths and not your weaknesses. To me this was a profound statement, growing up I was always told to strengthen my weaknesses. The whole weakest link bit. I am trying to use what I learned to redirect myself to think along the lines of my strengths and keep them in mind when interacting with my patrons. I am also trying to use those strengths and my likes to determine that I will pursue when I graduate. We will see how it goes.

Happy writing to all and to all a great day!