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Facebook has been the basis of my experience with social media for some time now. I don’t use MySpace or Twitter or any other method. Originally, I found the concept of talking to friends that were in other places of the world amazing. It really allowed for more frequent discussion and faster responses than the old mailing a penpal method, which I still do. I thought the purpose behind social media was for people to be able to communicate from anywhere around the globe. In recent months, I have come to realize that social media is actually creating a world full of people that can not talk to each other. I have found myself debating whether or not to relieve my days of the Facebook burden.

What began as a method of catching up became a the way of the soap box. All I see, most of time, are complaints about life, politics and things in general. I had even started a group where I posted health information to all of us to utilize. In an attempt to break the taboo about sicknesses, diseases and conditions amongst my “friends”, I posted my own health issues and what I was doing to correct the situations. One dear old friend commented about hers. My brother just said “wow, I didn’t know you were sick.” No other comments were posted.

I have to admit, I am just as guilty. I talk less to those people than I did when writing a letter, to know what is going on in their world, I just read their news feed. We don’t even send Christmas cards anymore, just the typical Happy Holidays in the comment line (no wonder the U.S. Postal Service is going under).

An unfortunate side effect from from all of this, there are generations of people are wondering around on their phone texting because they have a dying need to communicate with someone. The rift between society and individualism has grown to the point that we can not articulate the simplest of sentences. Wondering what life is about from inside four walls is not the same as living your life. Texting can not convey emotions in an effective manner. As social creatures by nature, we have to have human contact in order to help us stay healthy.

I’m not going to delete my Facebook account, I get too many free local rewards from a game I play on there that I always have running in the background. After a brief post to those I have on my friends list, I will attempt to stop posting on there. A simple post that if you want to talk to me write me or call me sounds like a good way for me to work on improving my social skills.

Have a great and relaxing evening!