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My first children’s book is up and available.


This book was difficult for me because one I’m used to “preaching to the choir”. The people I generally converse with are in my field so how do you inform a child about problems within society? How do you relate that what they are seeing in the environment is not what should be happening?

Second, the illustrations gave me issues. I knew what I wanted to do, I could see the scenes in my head but getting the bright colors to stand out posed a problem until a wonderful lady answered my question as to what medium she has had success with and it worked for me too!

I have other ideas for children’s books but I really need to finish the fantasy story I started. It was finished until I realized it wasn’t long enough to be considered a novel. Then I realized who really cares? If I stretch it I may actually ruin the story I began with. So, I decided to enhance what I already have and not concern myself with whether or not a publishing company is going to consider it too long or too short, I self publish anyway.

Stacy is the third story I published, the other two are adult content stories. After I sold my first copy, I was no longer concerned with if I sell a bunch. I have things to say and this is my medium to say it.

Have a great Day!