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I debated about whether or not to post this, I’m not a political person. However, I am tired of the self righteous flapping their jaws. I wrote this rant after seeing a video about the signing of HR347 into law.

Lately, I’ve been seeing a lot of anger thrown towards our President, blaming him for the state of affairs today, blaming him for what is taking place now. It strikes me odd that people are acting as though he is the only member of the government. People are acting as though we live in dictatorship and one person is solely responsible. Don’t forget, threatening the President in anyway is against the law.

Blaming anyone is not going to fix the problems at hand. Blaming is not going to diminish the hatred flying around in the form of profanity and disgust. Calling names and threatening the life of someone is not going to fix the problem, it won’t even treat the symptoms. We are living in a world that is overrun with capitalism but that’s ok as long as money is being made. We have the highest rate of homelessness, unemployment, population, pollution and disease than ever before and it is our fault for allowing it to happen.

As of Thursday, 3 October 2013, HR347 was signed, effectively taking away the First Amendment. What does it tell you about a society that has allowed its government to take over? These are public service officials that are supposed to be working for the people. Why should they when the people will not pay attention and stand up for themselves?

If you want to blame someone, blame yourselves for not protesting and for not being involved in the process. Blame your parents or grandparents for electing President Reagan whose view and hatred of big government allowed him to dismantle the protection that kept the advertising industry away from infants. Think about that the next time you read about some kid being beat up for his sneakers. Blame those that voted in the Congress that passed the welfare system when President Lincoln was dead set against it. Think about that the next time you complain about those collecting it.

We as citizens let this happen. This is not the work of one individual. This is the product of us allowing the government to take away our rights and control us. We allowed it so if you want to place blame, look in the mirror. Better yet, instead of placing blame, be an active part of the fix.

The United States is not a democracy; this is not a majority wins scenario. We live in a constitutional republic where the government has limited powers granted under the Constitution of the United States. Ironically, a document forged out of treasonous acts. Guess what? We allowed the government to expand those powers and reduce our say over how the country is run. We have put in place a government that has allowed our land and landmarks be sold to other countries. We have allowed our government to pass legislation allowing our jobs to leave our country. We have allowed all of this to happen.

Get involved and vote for the best candidate and not just follow a party. Think about the lines of crap that being sold to you during speeches. Not what sounds reasonable but what really is logical. Research the issues and know what is going on, don’t just rely on someone telling you what the issue is about. The President is not the only person involved in the legislation that has been passed, all of Congress is and we allowed it to happen.

Don’t just rant and scream, take back our country from the politicians. Follow the laws and push for proper enforcement of laws. Start locally, vote smart. We don’t have many rights left, use them wisely.