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I recently asked the question to the authors of children’s story that self illustrate in my self-publishing group, what medium do they use? With the problems I was having with cartoon kitties, it seemed to be the best available query to ask. I received one response out of a page that of hundreds of people post on. I was deeply disappointed. This was suppose to be a place where we could get help from one another and it became a place where people only post their books for sale. I completely understand advertising your book, I would have except mine are rated for adults only. (I’m very self conscious about children and lack of parental guidance these days). I digress…

Receiving the one response was great and has lead me on a path to complete these illustrations. I have to admit, even though I have only completed one of the pictures in the new medium, it looks a lot better than before. I only hope kids agree with me. I went to clean up and area that I kinda slipped out of the lines but my boyfriend said to leave it. It showed that you don’t have to stay in the lines and after all this is story time. My OCD side disagrees but my fun loving side likes the idea. 

The indoor Halloween decorations are up, time to start working in time to decorate the outside. My workload from school has been lighter than it was in the past so I’ve actually been able to knit my shawl in the evenings a couple times a week. I just attached the fourth skein so I hope to have it done by Halloween. That works out since it’s a Christmas shawl. 

I find it scary how reliant most people are on technology and they have no idea how it works. I just had a patron that did not understand what the error message meant on a document she converted to a .doc and couldn’t understand why there was a problem. It took me about 5 minutes and several different ways and terminology to explain to her what had happened and why. Do people really think that the internet is tangible space where everything is Utopian? 

There was a time when you researched how things worked even if that meant taking apart the tape recorder with a screwdriver. Today, most people have no concept on how the 1’s and 0’s they are sending actually floats away to hubs in little packets. Anyway, as someone else has a near miss with the column because she can’t watch where she is walking. Oh my, oh my, oh my, and folks this is the future of the human race.

Near miss, what a concept there. Why is a near miss means you missed (barely), shouldn’t it be near hit since you didn’t really hit and actually missed? That goes along with why do we drive on a parkway but park in a driveway. 

Have a great week 🙂