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Cartoon kitties illustrations didn’t work out too well, time for another avenue but I’m not quite sure what to do yet. The pictures printed out pixalated. I have a new program but I haven’t had time to learn it yet. So that project is on temporary hold until I mid semester exams are done.

I submitted an idea I had to a small tv channel about what I would like to see on their channel. They asked for idea submissions so I figured why not.I need to find this channel locally because I think I would like it a little too much 🙂 Tivo to my rescue!

For the last few weeks, I have been considering what it is that I want to do for a career. I’ve had my dream job, it’s done, no going back to it, time to move on. Graduation for my bachelor’s degree is around the bend and I’m at a crossroads. Unfortunately, this dilemma has been occupying the entire background of my brain. (The parts that do things like creative writing, crafts, etc…) Do I continue on to graduate school knowing I will be able to pay my bills even though my degree program is on hiatus, meaning I have to change majors, again. (As much as I love my major it has been a major pain to get this far due to the educational institution I am enrolled.)

After careful thought, research (loads of research, typical of me) and of course utilizing the everyday skills and interests lists, I have come to realize that what I thought I wanted to do with my degree when I started is not what I want to do now. I love working with my different crafts and I love being able to write when something comes to mind.

(begin rant) Of course I want to continue to educate America on the folly’s that have made this society the way it is and that we can do a much better job as a society then we have been because I am delusional enough to think one person can change the world. (end of rant)

What I will end up doing is in the air but I do know I will do what I need to to make ends meet even if it means pursuing a degree I really don’t care about it while I look for employment that will be happy at. As for what I want to do, my crafts will continue on the side as they have for sometime and maybe someday I will have that epiphany and become the next craft guru. That would be the awesomest! (Now, how many of you are shaking your head right now? laughing? oh come one! at least chuckle at it!)

Writing will continue of course, it has been my savior over the last few years. I would like to get involved in a writing group but my semester schedule makes it impossible, then again I would love to join a knitting group too 😦 So for now, I will have to settle on reading about how to write. I have a few recommended from other blogs and from freelance writing magazines that I’m going to look into. If anyone has any thoughts on the subject, please let me know. I am always open to suggestions.

I have had many ideas on what to write about and the list just continues to grow. Right now lack of time is my obstacle. This blog was a suggestion from a dear friend that I pitched an idea too. I haven’t quite figured out how this blog translates into an open forum but hey, I’ll go a long with it. I’m sure I’ll learn something along the way, I always do.

Oh yeah, my boss emailed me that I won a gift certificate for a free lunch during a welcome event we had the other day. I didn’t get to go because I was at my other job but hey I thought it was cool that all of the student assistants were put in for the drawing and not just the new hires.

As much fun as this has been for me for the last 30 minutes or so, sitting here typing away and drinking my yummy banana, strawberry and yogurt smoothie, I really need to start my day. Class work never stops, must get ready for next weeks lectures when I get this weeks homework done. Halloween decorations are still in their storage containers and piled in my dining room, I’ll get to that eventually. I have candy if nothing else! I still 29 days to decorate even if it is one piece at a time.

Have a great day!